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Shadow of Darkfall update 3

2012-11-19 21:19:53 by hornfluffy

Well I've finished the first section of the game where you make your daring escape from the seedy old building you were being held in.
Voice talent from Mike520 as the games dangerous criminal thugs in the game
MetalRenard as the Psychotic Pyro and tehKLN as the main character Alighieri.
The game has got an update in graphics and sound. The release date is still unknown.

Shadow of Darkfall update 3

Game Update 2

2012-10-26 12:19:02 by hornfluffy

I've figured out a title for the game. I think I've decided on Shadow of Darkfall

I though i should take this time to explain the games plot and setting to all those involved.
The Main character, officer Alighieri is a tough as nails rookie on his first major assigment, he joined the police force and his sister was raped and killed by a visous gang when he was a child. The gang is still kicking and has become more powerful than ever, over the last couple of years they hav been involved in the selling,making, and distrubution of a new drug that makes the human body seemingly invulnrable to gun fire and gives it super human strength. With this ever impending drug empidemic moving out of the slums and into the city bringing with it crime, violence and death, the city concil decided that drastic measures had to be taken and a wall was built between the two parts of the city in order to stop the bloodshed. Since then, that area of the city as been under quartine, knowbody leaves,and nobody may enter. This includes law enforcement. Alighieri and his Mentor virgil are supposed to be on an assigment to get info from and undercover co about details within the walls,however its a trap and the special responce team he is with is ambushed and killed. Now Alighieri is trapped on the bad side of the city, theres no going back, It's payback time.

Game Update: voice actors

2012-10-11 10:51:06 by hornfluffy

Well it seems that quite a few voice actors from around newgrounds have wanted to be part of the game,now I can only use some of you, so I will have to weed out only the best ones. The game won't be done for a while but I still need voices!
The game takes place in a crime filled slum, so theres lots of thug dialoge to go around, as well as lots of dialoge for the main characters. Those of you that are currently trying to get your voice in the game I need voice samples as soon as possible, AUDITIONS CLOSE AT THE END OF THIS MONTH!

The game is coming together nicely. After a few days of creating a team of voice actors,writers and musicians it couldn't get any better. Still needs a better name I think though.

Game devolepment proceeding smoothy

New Carttoon

2010-04-30 23:00:13 by hornfluffy

Well im trying to get Cs4 back up and running to make my new Doom Cartoon, so those that are fans of the game should be glad to here that im making one

Big boss is king

2010-01-28 01:20:00 by hornfluffy

Big boss is king

Mcblain ur a retard

2010-01-27 19:53:16 by hornfluffy

Mcblain ur a retard


red dead retard

2009-12-15 23:17:01 by hornfluffy

i finally fininished that damn parody, phew

yes well i've started making two new videos, one is a new shgg and the other is a parody of commandos, commandos is an old strategy ww2 game from like 2002. so hopefully you'll like it.